The safety of our employees and our customers is the utmost importance to us, therefore we have taken the following preventive measures:

  • frequently sanitizing surfaces;
  • reinforcing appropriate hygiene amongst our staff;
  • following all guidelines recommended by the CDC;
  • adhering to travel bans and prohibiting employees from returning to work;
  • ascertaining that our vendors and suppliers are engaging in prudent preventive measures; and
  • doing all we can to keep our employees abreast of COVID-19 developments.

Our management has been closely monitoring the CDC and other federal agencies to understand the most up-to-the-minute information to ensure the actions we are taking are comprehensive and appropriate. The bottom line — we remain acutely vigilant about this serious crisis. We will continue to do everything we can to protect our employees and our customers, and to remain ready to serve our customers in the most appropriate fashion.